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Reiner E. Römer

Oberhausen, Germany

Fn: +49 208 6351070

Fx: +49 32223746439

B&W DM70
Quad ESL57
Quad ESL63/9xx
Quad ESL upgrade
Quad 57/63 DIY
Dayton Janszen etc.
Martin Logan
Shackman ESL
DIY ESL repair
Decca Kelly
Focal T120/xx
Audio Literature


SOUNDLAB  repair, servicing  and upgrading , finishing and refining ....



Example A3 repair documentation


Sound lab on the jig's lift under tent

Sound lab on the jig's lift under tent

Soundlab rady for coating after masking

Masking tape preparing for coating procedure

Soundlab after spraying the coating liquid

Spraying the coating liquid to the film

Soundlab after coating and removing the masking tapes

After coating and removing the masking tapes and adding the conductive lacquer tracks


Soundlab Detail

Spundlab elecronics

The electronics unit of SoundLab


SoundLab film under inspection


SoundLab in mounting workshop


SoundLab, in frame, without electronics

Sometimes we have SoundLabs in stock. If of interest, please ask for a quote

We keep your gems alive

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