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Reiner E. Römer

Oberhausen, Germany

Fn: +49 208 6351070

Fx: +49 208 6351071

shackman_logo_rhomb                        ESL
B&W DM70
Quad ESL57
Quad ESL63/9xx
Quad ESL upgrade
Quad 57/63 DIY
Dayton Janszen etc.
Martin Logan
Shackman ESL
DIY ESL repair
Decca Kelly
Focal T120/xx
Audio Literature

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Coming closer to retiring age, I am considering to find a successor/partner and/or selling the Shackman business and brand to an appropriate person or company. 

The partnership comprises to continue the brands and registered trademark as well as the production assets and machines, material stock and the production knowledge.

Please contact Mr. Reiner E. Römer  directly.



You are a hifi electronics enthusiast?

You want to bring your ideas to the hi-end world, instead of to your DIY cellar only?

Come to us. 

Here you are right.

Join us and become a member of the SHACKMAN team.

Your name  very possibly will soon be famous

Because right now we are looking for audio-technicians for product development and innovations.

It is recommended to have up-to-date and ancient knowledge in theory and practice in electro-acoustical electronics, especially valve/tube technology, high-voltage applications, electronic x-overs, PCB etc.

But that officially theoretical knowledge is not at all obligatory. Mainly you should know what you are talking about and what you are doing in these matters, and remembering, what you really have done before, when something is coming out as going well or wrong.

Please mail to our:

Personal Department



We have dealerships available in prime regions. If you would like to join the growing family of Shackman dealers, please contact us.

We are also looking for private or pro demo studios

 and/or/or distribution/representation partners all over the world.  If you are about to found your own company, you will be welcome in the SHACKMAN team.

You are surely full of all kind of products and contracts and full of your own production line. 

But the Shackman one will surely be a hit for you and your company very soon. 

That is why we have a very special offer for you right now during autumn/winter 2007/2008:

The first one of each new country representative will get a full first ESL demo equipment for half the dealers price

Please mail to: 

Expansion Department 



Shackman Stretching Jig





Reromanus Shackman