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Reiner E. Römer

Oberhausen, Germany

Fn: +49 208 6351070

Fx: +49 32223746439

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For the owners of the Shackman Dynastats "type MHT-85" we can offer a complete refurbish/renewal. 

Furthermore a fixing/repair of defective panels is very easily and affordably possible. We are fixing a broken Shackman ESL panel by using all new materials and knowledge of the new Shackman ESL tweeter units. So you get a very new modern version of the panels. The are the same, but they definitively are better than before.

Especially for those ones, who at that times used the Shackman panels as tweeters for the Quad ESL57or other full range ESLs, mainly in the UK and Australia, this service is of special interest.


Refurbished in that context means, the panels are completly rebuilt from old ones. New technology and new construction details make them like new


SHACKMAN ESL-85/MHT after upgrading


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Most common failures

Quad 63 Original Resistivity

Stretching jig as winding device

Heavy weight gluing

Stretching "from the roll"

Resistivity calibration

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Speakers will be repaired by Chief  Reiner E. Römer

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